Push Button Pendant in India

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Push-Button Pendants

Push Button Pendant offered by Elequip Tool Pvt. Ltd is ideal to be used for small hoist application, control circuits in single and double row versions, tail lift control, and direct/ control switching power circuits. All our products are of the standard size and suitable for almost all installation requirements. Each of the pendants is provided with actual specifications and safety guidelines.

Through the years, we have already been able to outshine our peers by providing high-quality push button pendant for the residents of India and abroad. We offer 2 ways to 14 way pendant in single and double speed and with a mechanical system of interlocking buttons. The impeccable quality of all our Push Button Pendant is protected with IP 65 grade.

Unique Features Of Our Push Button Pendant

  • Adequate space for cabling
  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly functions and light-weighted
  • Climate protection
  • Impact resistance
  • Rubber covering wheel

Our Wide Range Of Push Button Pendant Products

  • P03 Series Pendant Stations For Small Hoist Applications (IP65)
  • PL Series Pendant Stations For Control Circuits (Single Row IP65)
  • PLB Series Pendant Stations For Control Circuits (Double Row IP65)
  • PL-PLB Series Pendant Stations For Control Circuits (IP65 Enclosures)
  • For Control And Direct Switching Power Circuits (Accessories)
  • PL-PLB Series For Control And Direct Switching Power Circuit (Composition)
  • P02-P03- PL-PLB Series For Auxiliaries Power Circuits (Engravings Push Button)
  • TLP Light Series (IP65)
Push-Button Pendants

Limit Switches

GIOVENZANA™ offers limit switches for automation sector as well as industrial machineries like cranes. Three variants are offered for use in cranes, namely roller type (FFH series), rotary type (FGR series) and cross bar type (FCR series). Whereas for automation thermoplastic / di cast aluminium type may be used (series: FA – FT – FT1R-FCT – FCM).

Our Wide Range Of Limit Switches Products

  • FCR Series For Control Circuits (IP65)
  • Rotary Limit Switches (IP65)
  • Limit Switches FA- FT - Safety- FCT- FCM- Astra Series
  • FA1 Series (IP66 Die-Cast Aluminium Type)
  • FT1 Series (IP65 Thermoplastic Type)

Why Choose Elequip Tool Pvt. Ltd?

  • Established in March 1966 and have years of experience.
  • A long list of satisfied clients all over India.
  • Super-quality products offered at affordable price.
  • All our Push Button Pendant and Limit Switches products are manufactured from trusted quality brands.
  • Always aim at improving the quality of our products to match the growing economy.

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