Power Feeding System

Drag Chains

TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP is today one of the world's leading suppliers of cable carriers, guideway protection and conveyor systems. We supply steel, high-grade stainless steel and solid plastic cable carriers and plastic cable carriers with aluminium supports (hybrid cable carriers), in standard sizes or tailor-made to customer requirements in millimetre-precision units. Our product range covers all sizes, from small units of only a few millimetres in size for use in, e.g., inkjet printers, up to giant chains weighing several tonnes used on oil rigs.

DSL Bus Bar

Giovenzana International provides modern and safe conductor rail system for energy and data transmission for various types of equipment such as: cranes - bridge cranes, conveyor belts - chain conveyors – etc. Rigid PVC copper conductor rail insulating systems with 40A to 200A are available for both straight and curved path.

C-Rail System

C-Rail system also known as Festoon system used for energy and data transmission consists of C-rail bar, tuck support bracket (welding/bolting), towing trolley (steel / plastic) and end stop.

Shrouded Conductors

Safetrack™ insulated conductors are designed in accordance to international Regulations for a multitude of Power Supply Applications. These conductors confirms to IP21 and are compact, Insulated and easy to install. These are coded RYBG (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green).

T-Track Systems

Ranging from 20m to endless travel length, these T-shaped sections are fabricated for hassle free arrangement of power cable for crane use regardless of the shape of the joist.

Wire-Rope Suspension System

Used typically for short travel length, these are used for straight monorail beams.


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