Lifting Tools & Tackles


Polyester Webbing - These are extremely lightweight hence the logical choice where conventional lifting equipment seems heavier than the load to be lifted. It is Highly recommended in places where surface area finish is the criteria, such as in Automobiles, IT, Interiors etc.

Wire Rope Slings - Steel Wire Rope Slings are made from Usha Martin make wire ropes in compliance with Indian and International standards. These are specially spliced/ looped/interwoven to have in them superior weight bearing capacity. Available in Single or Multi Leg bridle.

Chain Slings - Slings are made from Grade 80 Alloy steel load chains in compliance with industry standards. Our Chain Slings are mainly used in high temperature and rugged conditions and are capable to hold any type of load in an efficient manner. Available in Single or Multi Leg bridle.


D-Shackles - D-shackles are among the most common variety of shackles with a narrow loop with a threaded pin closure. They are typically used in bidirectional load situations. These shackles are forged and confirm to IS: 6132.

Bow-Shackles - Bow shackles can take load from more directions as compared to the D-shackles as they have a wider loop. These machine-threaded shackles are available in Grade 40, 80 & 63 and confirm to IS: 6132.

Turn Buckles

Turnbuckle is a device for adjusting the tension or length of ropes, cables, tie rods, and other tensioning systems. With body made of solid forgings without weld and galvanized finish, our product confirms to IS: 3121 (or latest).


Eyebolts are used to firmly attach a securing eye to a structure, so that ropes or cables may then be tied to it. These eyebolts confirm to IS: 4190 with accurately machined and tested shanks.

Bull Dog Grips

Bull dog grips confirm to IS: 2361 and are fitted with GKW/TATA nuts. Deep and sharply grooved bridges ensures firm grip on wires.


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