Hoisting & Lifting Equipment

Chain Pulley Blocks

INDEF™ brand by Hercules Hoist Limited, offers a variety of Chain pulley Blocks manufactured as per Indian standards tested for 50% overload capacity. These chain pulley blocks range from light to heavy-duty variants with Lifting capacity up to 50 tones. Equipped with Grade 80 load chain, Indef™ provides long lasting body with least maintenance lifelong. The variants also include Spark proof type and chain pulley blocks for Ultra short headroom.

Model P  - Heavy Duty Model for use rigid use.
Model M  - Medium Duty Model.
Stier Series  - Lightweight ultra compact German technology.


Chain Electric Hoist

INDEF™ is pioneer in chain electric hoists since more than 40 years. These electrically operated hoists range from 50 kg to 20000 kg. It is equipped with Grade 80 load chain with built in electrical control panel.

Baby Hoist  - Medium duty chain electric hoist ranging from 05 ton to 2 ton.
HC Series  - All purpose chain electric hoist ranging from 0.125 ton to 5 tones.
CH III  - Robust chain electric hoist ranging from 2.5 ton to 10 tones.
CH IV    - Robust chain electric hoist ranging from 5 ton to 20 tones.


Wire Rope Electric Hoist

INDEF‘s ergonomically designed Wire Rope Electric hoist ranges from 0.5 ton to 40 ton.  It has in built control panel with standard electrical and a unique and sturdy rope guide arrangement.

WRH-N - Medium duty wire rope hoist ranging from 0.5 ton to 3 ton used typically for maintenance applications.
WRH-I II & III - Heavy-duty wire rope hoist ranging from 1 ton to 10 ton meant for rigid use.
HW- Series - Compact wire rope Hoist with planetary gearbox for use at low headroom ranging from 0.5 ton to 40 ton.
UR –Series - Universal Platform wire rope hoist ranging from 1 ton to 40 ton with short headroom design. 

Steel mill duty wire
rope hoist

- Heavy-duty robust design ranging from 5 ton to 20 ton for continuous  rigid use as well as maintenance free.

Ratchet Lever Hoist

Hand operated with up to 9 tones lifting capacity, STIER™ series Ratchet Lever Hoist offers best of German technology with perfectly designed housing, gear reinforced frame, brake and fully chrome plated body.

Travelling Trolley

INDEF™ travelling trolley can be fitted with any chain block or chain hoist for travel along the path of joist. Available in push or hand geared travel with anti drop and de-railing guide.

Spring Balancer

Spring Balancers by POWERMASTER are used typically for lifting lightweight materials and are specially designed to free operator from weight of hand tools. These spring balancers come with various safety features such as Safety Pin, additional eye, enclosed body, wire arrest mechanism and body liner.


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