Cranes & Winches

E.O.T Crane

Sureka™ Group offers both Single and Double Girder Electrically Operated cranes designed in perfect compliance with IS standards. Engineered with perfection, these cranes are sturdy and robust in handling heavy loads with capacity up to 120 tonnes. Auxiliary Equipment available as option such as supporting hoisting trolleys, control cabins, crab units with walkways and service platforms.

H.O.T Crane

Manufactured with advanced design and quality materials, these Hand Operated Travelling Cranes ensure maximum safety with minimum maintenance cost. Mostly used in warehouses, workshops and factories, the perfect contrivances of the HOT crane allow easy access in all directions. 

Goliath Crane

Also known as Gantry Cranes, they are specifically designed for Construction sites, Steel yards, Engineering Fields, Ports and Workshops. These cranes run on mounted rails supported with two steel sections installed at the ground level, facilitating easy relocation of the crane.

Circular Crane

Circular Crane installations are most suitable for workplaces where circular structures provide support runaways rails & gantry girders. Cutting edge technology and proven expertise enables Sureka™ Group to manufacture ergonomically designed Circular Cranes as per the specifications provided the its esteemed clients.

Underslung Crane

Sureka™ Group offers solutions for efficient material handling in complex structures and restrictive spaces with its perfectly designed Underslung Cranes. These cranes help in optimized use of resources and available space as they directly mount on the workshop ceiling or roof structure. With a loading capacity of up to 8 tones, these cranes manufactured by Sureka Group do not require additional support, and enable snag-free operations.

Electric Winches

Electric Winches manufactured by Sureka Group cater to the varied requirements of Engineering, Automobile, Pharmaceuticals and Chemical industries. Mainly used for heavy duty jobs, this lifting device provides effective solutions for hoisting, positioning, loading, unloading and pulling applications, The various variants of Winches produced by the Sureka Group include Stationary winches, Mobile Winches, Single Layer Winches, Multi Layer Winches and Single Multi Drum Winches.


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