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Electric Winches

Elequip Tools Pvt. Ltd recognized in 1966, is one of the leading Electric winch manufacturers in India. Besides, we are the supplier and trader of the same product. We are a Kolkata based company and our prime focus is always on building a precious relationship with all our clients by manufacturing electric winch.

Electric Winches manufactured by Sureka Group cater to the varied requirements of Engineering, Automobile, Pharmaceuticals and Chemical industries. Mainly used for heavy duty jobs, this lifting device provides effective solutions for hoisting, positioning, loading, unloading and pulling applications, The various variants of Winches produced by the Sureka Group include Stationary winches, Mobile Winches, Single Layer Winches, Multi Layer Winches and Single Multi Drum Winches.

What is Electric winch?

By the term winch, we mean a mechanical device generally used for pulling in (winding up), letting out (winding out) or simply for adjusting the "tension" exercised by a rope, wire rope, cable or wire cable. Even in its simplest form, the winch consists of a spool and a hand crank attached to it. As regard to its larger forms, winches are treated to be the heart of the machines as they are diversely used as steam shovels, tow trucks, as well as elevators. The spool is also known as the 'winch drum'. Some of the winches have more elaborate designs like gear assemblies which are powered by hydraulic, electric, pneumatic, and internal combustion drives. Winches having a mechanical brake, solenoid brake or ratchet and pawl devices are widely used to prevent it from unwinding till the pawl is pulled back.


Heavy erection where cranes are not reachable.


Engineering, Automobile, cement, power plants, mining industries and fabrication yards.

Why You Choose Us?

  • More than 50 years of continuous service catering to all the imperative sectors.
  • We are serving from our head office which is situated in Kolkata and we have also other braches in Jemsedhpur and Bhuwaneshwar.
  • After different level of successful testing, the experts advised that there is extremely high product success rate.
  • Constant researchers and developers are continuing their work for the product evolution.
  • We are the branded name though available at an affordable price all over India.
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